MB2MB Pop Quiz

How Much Do You Actually Know About Micros?

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February 21, 2018  

Q1. By 2020 Micros will be—

(A) 25% of the Workforce
(B) 40% of the Workforce
(C) 55% of the Workforce

ANSWER: C. Micros will be 55% of the Workforce by 2020.

Q2. Attended a skill-related class in the past 6 months—

(A) 25%
(B) 55%
(C) 75%

ANSWER: B. 55% attended a class.

Q3. Rate of Growth since 2014: Micros vs Real Jobs—

(A) 3X Real Jobs vs Micros
(B) Almost Even
(C) 3X Micros vs Real Jobs

ANSWER: C. 3X Micros vs Real Jobs.



February 14, 2018

Q1. Microbusinesses include—

(A) 5 Generations . Silent/Boomers/Gen X/Millennials/Gen Z
(B) 4 Generations . Boomers/Gen X/Millennials/Gen Z
(C) 3 Generations . Boomers/Gen X/ Millennials

ANSWER: A. Microbusiness include 5 generations!

Q2. Average age of Micro—

(A) 20 Years Old
(B) 30 Years Old
(C) 40 Years Old

ANSWER: C. Average age of a Micro is 40 years old.

Q3. Percentage of Millennial Micros—

(A) 32%
(B) 41%
(C) 45%

ANSWER: A. 32% of Micros are Millennials. 



February 7, 2018

Q1. Microbusiness microcosm Etsy—

(A) 65% are businesses of one.
(B) 77% are businesses of one.
(C) 89% are businesses of one.

ANSWER: B. 77% are Etsy businesses of one.

Q2. Percent of all US counties that have Etsy sellers—

(A) 59.9%
(B) 79.9%
(C) 99.9%

ANSWER: C. 99.9% of all US counties have Etsy sellers.

Q3. Gross merchandise sales worldwide—

(A) $2.8 Million Annually
(B) $9.8 Million Annually
(C) $2.8 Billion Annually

ANSWER: C. Etsy gross merchandise sales worldwide is $2.8 Billion annually.



January 31, 2018  

Q1. A Microbusiness is—

(A) Startup or business of less than ten.
(B) Single owner business.
(C) Cooperative or nonprofit of less than ten.

ANSWER: All three!

Q2. Micros are—

(A) .01% of all businesses.
(B) 4% of all businesses.
(C) 96% of all businesses.

ANSWER: C. Micros are 96% of all businesses.

Q3. Microbusinesses generate—

(A) $3.5 Million Annually
(B) $3.5 Billion Annually
(C) $3.5 Trillion Annually

ANSWER: C. Micros generate 3.5 Trillion Dollars Annually!