We’re Not Small 


Small < 4%. Big < 1%.


We are businesses, startups, coops and nonprofits of fewer than ten. There are 27 million of us nationwide generating $3.5 trillion annually.

Most are a force of one with a work at home lifestyle.  

Micros are like Superheroes. A diverse group of uniquely skilled individuals with a passion for what they do who often work alone.

Although capable of overcoming impossible odds, everything doesn’t come naturally, sometimes we need help to save the day..


JouleMB2MB_01MB2MB™ (Microbusiness to Microbusiness), a division of Joule, LLC features a quarterly magazine + guide for and about micros—businesses of less than ten, most a force of one. Issues are published in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

This sub-brand uses a strong black font when accompanied with the Joule logo overlay. When used alone a multicolored splash appears inside the lettering to represent the colorful diversity of micros.

MB2MB_V03_Issue01_2018_Final_01_Cover_MagazineEach issue has an identifiable magazine cover featuring a group of individual microbusiness owners and a separate guide cover featuring a group of microbusiness owner(s)/employees. Both groups are dressed in black with their backs to the camera on a black background. The inside front cover shows the same group from the front on a white background. Each magazine front cover includes three single word characteristics or challenges to being a microbusiness. The guide cover includes one. All words start with the letter “i”.

MB2MB Covers symbolize the fact that micros are, as a group, invisible, isolated and ignored individuals.

This publication’s mission is to connect all 27 million of us.


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