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Educating Gen ZMicrobusiness . Publisher . Jackie Menne

Work has changed, and no matter what career kids ultimately pursue, they’re going to have to constantly adapt and innovate in order to succeed—just like entrepreneurs do. So why not educate them that way right from the start?

It’s not a new idea. In 1955 Big Picture Learning envisioned, students would be at the center of their own education, spending considerable time in the community under the tutelage of mentors.

They would not be evaluated solely on the basis of standardized tests but on motivation and the habits of mind, hand, and heart – reflecting the real world evaluations and assessments that all of us face in our everyday lives.

Today, 63 years later— Students

  • 79% of high school students are interested in being an entrepreneur.
  • 61% of high school students would rather be an entrepreneur than an employee
  • 66% have never been offered a course.

Today, 63 years later— Micros 

  • 14% have an Associate Degree.
  • 20% have some college.
  • 65% did not graduate from college.

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