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How to murder your self doubt.

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Meet Gracie Miller of Live Life Purpose.

Jealousy isn’t usually thought of as a positive emotion to experience. But I know better. Jealousy is here for a reason – to teach us what we really value. I got an email recently from a colleague who is teaching workshops all over the world, swimming with dolphins, and writing a book while taking breaks to make love (yes, that was in the email). I know, right? UGH. I was this close to hitting Unsubscribe. And then I went – wait. I’m just jealous! I’m jealous because I want her life! And if I know what I want, I can take steps to get there. If I know what I want, I have the power. There’s no one to blame but myself if I don’t go after what I want. Of course, that’s when the doubts start creeping in….

I knew for years before I became an entrepreneur that I wanted to work all over the world doing transformative work with international personal growth junkies like myself. That’s not news. But the how eluded me for some time. Then I started taking courses in online marketing, sales, web development, and other things that I had no knowledge of before. And I could finally see the how. But something kept me glued to my familiar life.

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