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Best places to work? For a microbusiness it’s the arm chair, living room floor, neighborhood coffee shop, kitchen table, or coworking space.

Whether you blog, tweet, like or link— if you work at home you have a lifestyle that’s fast becoming the norm for most startups, entrepreneurs, consultants, freelancers and independents.

A lifestyle that includes isolation, lack of support and new business challenges that are well beyond the remedy of traditional online social networking. Although it’s a quick trip to the office, working at home is solitary confinement.

Sure you talk (email) clients and check in (linkedin) with colleagues. You speak (facebook) with friends and chat (text) with family, but it’s just not the same as those hallway conversations with coworkers before you became a corporate refugee.

You develop island fever and start searching for a cure. Unlike cabin fever which is seasonal, island fever is a chronic condition that requires a dose of nonvirtual interaction to keep it in check.

You finally realize that it’s going to take more drastic measures, actually getting out of the house!

> Coffee Shops: The underground meeting place for those who work at home.

Pros: Free wifi, good coffee. Cons: Noisy, crowded, lack of accessible power.

> Coworking: Share space along with ideas, humor and frustrations with the like-minded.

Pros: Business venue, social energy and conversation.  Cons: Not being able to do the dishes or laundry. Oh, that might be a Pro.


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