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Joule Micro Expo Event


Saturday . July 28 . 10:00A-3:00P

If you’re a single digit business, startup, coop, nonprofit or a force of one—this is for you!

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There are 27 million micros. Meet a few including Student Entrepreneurs from Venture Academy!


10:30A-11:15A … Jana Komaritsa | Art & Craft Social Media Marketing
11:30A-12:15P … Cheryl Moore Brinkley | Aligning with Your Clients
12:30P-1:15P ….. Gary Braley | New Payment Systems . Changing the Way We Do Business
1:30P-2:15P ……. Nancy Meyer | Microbusiness Checklist


SPEAKER: Jana Komaritsa (aka Yana Ness) . Mrakmur


Jana Komaritsa will give a presentation on social media marketing for the art and craft field. As an experienced artist, with a background in architecture and urban planning, she is constantly dealing with promotion on various social media platforms. The artist will give her insight into SMM, as well as some personal hints and tricks.


Jana Komaritsa is a Russian-born multidisciplinary artist, currently based in the United States. MN. She was born west of the Ural Mountains in Russia, in the capital of Republic of Bashkortostan – Ufa. Jana attended two schools of fine arts in Moscow, where she earned two diplomas with honors, and afterwards graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, along with a specialized diploma in Architecture and Urban Planning from the Moscow Architecture Academy. She worked on various projects as an architect and also ventured into the work of Interior design and decoration.

In 2010, Jana moved to Germany and continued her academic career at Stuttgart University where she earned a Master’s degree in Infrastructure planning. In 2013 Jana has moved to the USA, where she has founded her art and crafts studio.

She had been involved in the art scene for many years now. She took part in various events in Russia and abroad, from major festivals to experimental shows. The artist realizes her deepest feelings, emotions and inner thoughts, creating worlds in various mediums, from fine arts and video to music and performance.

Mrakmur is an alternative micro gallery space and studio of Jana Komaritsa. In 2014 she started label Mrakmur, which was originally a publishing platform for experimental and underground art. Now, in 2018, Mrakmur grew into an art space for lovers of alternative and experimental arts and culture; supporting emerging artists, non-conventional ideas and approaches.

The artist also runs an arts and gifts shop Purr Party, inspired by her cat: custom pet portraits and pet jewelry, home décor, accessories, gifts, artwork, inspired by animals and pets. Everything is handmade with love and care.

In 2018 , Jana will launch her first collection of experimental non-conventional jewelry and wearable art under the brand Stormur.

SPEAKER: Cheryl Moore Brinkley . BVocal

ALIGNING with YOUR CLIENTS .  Physical Keys to Professional Presence

Being present to and physically aligning with your client or audience allow you to forge strong communicator connections for more effective relationships. You’ll find alignment tips from Cheryl’s playful Head-Hand-Heart-Hello approach to be immediately applicable, in person and via virtual, video platforms.

Bring your smartphone or tablet with camera feature to play along in this highly-experiential, mini-workshop.


cbrinkley-square-bvocalv6-WEBCheryl Moore Brinkley, founder & CEO (chief everything officer) of BVocal LLC, is a Presence & Public Speaking Coach who also serves as adjunct faculty teaching Voice & Speech and Acting since 2001 for the Macalester College Dept. of Theatre and Dance. As a lifelong theatre professional (actor/director/educator), Cheryl has translated and simplified the techniques, exercises and playfulness of the performing arts to help high-value talent and executive leaders develop what she calls their Personal Performance Assets for professional communication effectiveness. In the Twin Cities, she has coached individuals or provided group training for Target, General Mills, 3-M, Medtronic, Bush Foundation, BAE Systems, Trane, Park Nicollet, Cigna, Ingersoll Rand, MnDOT, Ecolab, Health Partners, Stratasys, Eaton, and many other companies and organizations.

Cheryl holds a BFA in Drama/Speech from Ithaca College, is TESOL (teacher of English to speakers of other languages) certified, and a member of VASTA (Voice and Speech Trainers Assoc.), AEA (Actors Equity Assoc), and SAG/AFTRA.

SPEAKER: Gary Braley . MS Technically Speaking 


The various ways we exchange money today are cumbersome and fraud prone. Few people carry large amounts of cash and traditional checks are disappearing fast. Our current approach depends increasingly on credit card technology developed thirty years ago when fraud consisted of an occasional stolen card.

Increasingly as we give money to friends we’ll just Venmo it. Venmo along with a dozen other smartphone apps will offer convenience using the devices we have with us all the time. Banks are increasingly irrelevant so the big ones have developed their own version called Zelle that allows transfer to anyone in the network without a third party app. Additionally credit card terminals and online purchases are being modified to use tap-to-pay approaches such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Bitcoin is mentioned everywhere but few understand what it is. Bitcoin and nearly two thousand imitators are ways of exchanging money and much, much more. These new currencies do not depend on traditional banking or government backing and come in both public and private versions. The underlying technology called Blockchain is the real story since it is being evaluated for everything from supply chain management to medical record storage and retrieval.

This talk covers all these rapidly developing stories in plain English and will be valuable for audiences of all ages and all backgrounds – after all we all handle money every day.

GaryBraleyHiResGary Braley has been a techie and a teacher his entire working life. After a short and enjoyable stint as a math teacher, he received his MS in mathematics from Ohio State University just in time to begin working on the earliest aerospace and healthcare information systems for Honeywell. He worked as a programmer on the Apollo guidance system and as a developer and project manager for hospital information systems including the first such system installed at the National Institutes of Health. He then became an independent consultant and participated in over a hundred major projects in the US, Canada and Mexico.

Because technology was new everywhere, Gary assumed the role of educator explaining what it was all about to diverse organizations including the Air Force, NASA, and hundreds of healthcare facilities and associations. In addition to helping first time users implement technology, he spoke at hundreds of conferences across the country and abroad. Gary also published numerous articles in professional magazines and journals.

As technology has transformed into a personal experience due primarily to smartphones and other mobile devices, Gary has focused on the exciting new capabilities and also the serious consequences of misuse these developments raise. We can no longer rely on Fred the “IT guy” to make the decisions and solve the problems. A simple mistake by an employee can subject an entire organization to a growing variety of threats. In addition to lecturing on a variety of modern tech related topics, Gary publishes a newsletter and blog. Beyond technology, Gary is active on the boards of the local and Metropolitan Meals on Wheels programs and he participates regularly in career days at several high schools.

SPEAKER: Nancy Meyer . WeMentor, inc.



Nancy A. Meyer, M.A. was raised to take charge of her life through innovation which eventually led to founding WeMentor, inc. in 1992. From farmhand, nanny, #1 national tele-salesperson with the Minnesota Special Olympics, insurance agent, elementary education teacher, special education teacher, and volunteer extraordinaire to entrepreneur, adjunct entrepreneurship professor at one university, and a part-time visiting professor in entrepreneurship at another.

Through WeMentor, inc., Nancy developed a business she couldn’t out grow because innovators never stop innovating. Leaders need help to sustain resiliency, become more compassionate, and to be responsive in learning new skills from life’s lessons; especially the harsh lessons that take us down but not ‘out.’

The most effective leaders get mentoring help to gain the next skillset required in human growth and innovative leadership development. Why? There are many psychological barriers and off-ramps available for leaders to snuff out their souls and take others down with them. Building a business is the best training ground for self-mastery, leadership revolution, and influencing others. The stakes are high. The pressure to secure profitability is intense.

Nancy focuses her energy on doing what works, like mentoring curious learners individually, in WeMentor Mini LABs, and in WeMentor Entrepreneurial Leadership and Mentoring LABswhere those employing up to 25 people experiment with reinventing themselves while redesigning their business. This is the WeMentor Dual Innovation Journey.

Integrative therapies such as mindfulness meditation and yoga have become complimentary healing disciplines in the medical field because the healing benefits are proven and undeniable. From Nancy’s own experience and from mentoring others, she continues to incorporate disciplines that engage the mind, heart, spirit, and body in the deeper levels of cognitive and behavioral leadership development. Her visionary mentoring abilities keep her on the move to mentor thousands of innovative leaders toward self-mastery, leadership revolution, and life success. WeMentor Mondays with Nancy podcast gives others the opportunity to tune in to mentoring conversations that matter to them..

Nancy is a compelling, engaging, and ‘decipher the trees from the forest’ kind of mentor, speaker, facilitator, and leader. She is a dedicated entrepreneurial leader and mentor who role models what she preaches. She is totally committed to helping you succeed and live an integrated, meaningful, profitable, and interdependent life! When the curious learner is ready, the mentor appears!


Joule Micro Expo Event


$10 Ticket includes Expo exhibits, workshops, speakers, headshots, biz card exchange, drawings, and Grand Prize.*  *Must be present to win.

50% of profits will be donated to Venture Academy. Micros of the future!


Hosted by Joule MB2MB

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