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A monthly publication for those who are isolated, invisible and ignored— featuring articles about micros who are just starting up as well as those who’ve defied statistics and are still around—even after five, ten, twenty years.


Screen shot 2014-08-24 at 2.36.40 PMThis month features Nathalie Wilson, Nick Rosener, John Badgley, Lynn Wehrman, Lisa Hendrickson, Joe Ralstin, Dovette DeVore and Steven Olinger.

September’s issue also includes columns for micros. Information you won’t find anywhere else.

Corpreneurs by Amy Jauman
Don’t Call Me Small by Jackie Menne
HeadGames by Grif Sadow
Microbusinesses Are From Venus by Ron Wacks
Ready Set Startup by Katrina Becker
Writer’s Bloc by Joe Ziegler
Work@Home by Jackie Menne

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