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Joel M Albers


Meet Joel of Universal Health Care Action Network MN 

This past December marked a major milestone for Joel Albers. It’s been 25 years that he’s worked as a clinical pharmacist at West Bank Pharmacy, one of the few remaining independents in the state of Minnesota.

Over the past quarter of a century Joel has watched the insurance and pharmaceutical monopolies price gouge people, forcing them out of the market and subjecting them to be uninsured. He has witnessed worsening health along with medical bankruptcy, both inflicting thousands of Minnesotans every year.

That’s why in 2003, Albers started Universal Health Care Action Network – MN through small donations and grants. The 501C3 does health economics cost studies to determine the viability of forming a self funded insurance pool, or a state level single payer system. A continuously moving target that’s often difficult to define.

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