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Seeing Things in a Different Light




Steven has always been a curious fellow. You might say he’s a life-long learner with a natural aptitude for finding and solving problems—often big problems—for businesses, organizations and nonprofits.

Over the years, the more complex the quandary the better Steven liked it, so much so that he founded Nerica in 2009 and has been a conundrum consultant ever since.

“I like to solve complex problems and felt that the metro business community offered plenty of opportunities”, he says with a smile.

Olinger believes the best part of being a micro is the independence and accountability. The hardest part? Connecting with companies who realize they need help but think it’s too late to turn things around. Steven knows better. Often a coffee conversation convinces them otherwise and he gets to do what he likes best-—put things in focus. “It’s exciting and rewarding to see the change.” he says.

Olinger, the oldest of six, also has a knack for investment portfolio counseling as well as a flair for event and editorial photography.

With such a diverse blend of talents, it’s easy to understand how Steven’s remarkable gift— seeing things in a different light, enables him to focus on the big picture in amazing ways.

A shy extrovert, he hopes the next generation will become better collaborators.

One word to describe himself? Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.

Others say—Unique.


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