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Nathalie Wilson . Zydeco Design

Nathalie Wilson’s strategic planning career has spanned 20 years building global brands from Callaway Golf, Campbell Soup and Saab to local but nationally known brands like the Guthrie Theater.

She created strategies and integrated communications for big name ad agencies TBWA\Chiat\Day and The Martin Agency as well as boutique firms VITROROBERTSON and Yamamoto Moss, before starting Zydeco Design.

Often agency teams can grow large and unwieldy, with assignments based upon availability rather than fit. Nathalie’s background in entrepreneurship and marketing gave her the itch to create custom, talented teams for clients where each member is a fit—selected due to their expertise and background. “When everyone’s fully vested in the success of a brand, it creates deeper insight and more effective plans which lead to exceptional execution and better outcomes” she said.

Her inspiration? Zydeco, also known as Louisiana roots music, that blends a diverse set of cultures and instruments together to create a sound that’s fresh and always irresistible. For Wilson the best part of being a microbusiness is creating custom teams with friends and colleagues she trusts. “We share the journey together with our clients and that feels good, whether in rough waters or smooth sailing.” she stated.  What’s the hardest part of being a microbusiness? “Creating balance in the business. It’s  easy to become distracted by the things that interest you the most,  so you need discipline to keep an eyes on all facets of the business.” Nathalie only likes working at home when the weather is terrible or she’s under a tight deadline. She spends time in her Minneapolis office every day, but is often with clients, so can’t consistently be there for deliveries or dropins. “It can be frustrating to want to be in three places at once.” she noted.

Nathalie lives with her husband and two children in Excelsior MN.  Graduate Mount Holyoke College.  MBA Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University.

favorite song?   IMAGINE

one word descriptor?   FEARLESS

wish she would have tried?   FLAMENCO

like to meet in an elevator?   AMELIA EARHART

introvert, extrovert or ambivert?   AMBIVERT

birthorder?   OLDEST    years between?   THREE

favorite quote?   YOU CAN’T USE UP CREATIVITY.



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