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Entrepreneur extraordinaire Lisa Hendrickson decided it was time to do it her way after years of doing it (support and help desk) the corporate America way. So in 2007 she joined the ranks of corporate refugee and financed her dream with unemployment and credit cards.

A self-starter, Lisa looked in the mirror for inspiration then as she does now. “I remember my past, my first few years of business and see how far I have come, and that pushes me to go even farther moving ahead because I know I can grow this company.” she said.

Although Hendrickson thinks the best part is being an entrepreneur
and doing whatever she wants to do… keeping new projects on track sometimes requires a 36-hour day.

Her wish for others— slow down. “I am feeling 45 right now and worry the world is going so fast with technology, it’s even hard for me to keep up.”

As if Call That Girl isn’t enough—Lisa owns LinkedMinnesota
the largest Linkedin group in the state with over 30,000 members.  And, she has authored nine technology assistance e-books for computer industry technicians that are sold internationally.

As for a work at home lifestyle, all of Lisa’s client work is done remotely. She has two offices in her home. The main workhorse computer is on a beautiful 3-season deck, but when it gets hot…she moves to the dining room table, office #2. She is always tied to work via the offices, two iPhones and hardline. When there’s downtime she travels whenever she can. Lisa says, “I don’t have any frustrations right now, just got back from taking a month off to relax, focus and rebuild.”

Call That Girl is a premier microbusiness technical support company, specializing in Microsoft Outlook, Email, Hosted Exchange and Microsoft Office 365.

Q: What’s one word that describes you?
A:  Dynamic!

Q: What’s your favorite expression?
 A: Woo hoo! 

Q: What do you wish you would have tried?
A: Working in my degree. I have two in Law Enforcement, gave it up to be a computer support technician.

Q: Who would you like to meet in an elevator?
A: An ancient Alien.

Q: What’s your birth order?
A: Oldest.

Q: Are you an introvert, extrovert or ambivert?
A: Extrovert.


Lisa Hendrickson
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