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John Badgley . Key Insurnace

He has a quick wit, a smile that’s infectious and a gift for making things better even on the darkest day.  John Badgley, Partner VP, Key Insurance, realized after spending time at Met Life, Prudential and Mutual of Omaha that he did not want to be an employee but an owner. Growing up in a family business you might say he was a natural when it came to opening a successful Key Insurance office in Minnesota after years in the corporate world.  John’s glad he made the choice to be an independent agent. Having his own agency allows him to craft solutions that are tailored for each client. How does he feel carrying on the family business? “It makes me very happy.” he said with a big smile.


John transferred to Minnesota in 1999 as a Met Life employee after working in the Detriot office post graduation. A South Dakota native, he studied business administration at NDSU where he completed his insurance licensing and learned about risk (bodily) as a rugby player. Moving to the land of 10,000 lakes was definitely a perk for John, an avid fisherman, hunter and outdoor sports enthusiast.


Having grown up in an entrepreneurial household, John craved the opportunity to be an owner and influence how the business was run. In 2007 he realized his dream and has been making a positive impact on his clients ever since. Badgley’s success is due partly to an investment of time—getting to know each company’s unique situation and working on their behalf.   “Helping, it’s a great feeling.” he said.


The best part of being a microbusiness owner for John is working with people he enjoys and having the flexibility to spend time with his wife and two daughters. “The hardest part is having patience— in all of it’s forms.” he shared. Although often at clients, some days working at home he misses that office comradery so he joined Joule coworking.

— Favorite song?   Amarillo by Morning.
— One word descriptor?   Persistent.
— Wish he would have tried?   Living Abroad.
— Like to meet in an elevator?   Robert De Niro.
— Introvert, extrovert or ambivert?   Ambivert.
— Birth order?  Youngest by 3-1/2 years.
— Saying?  
That’s not a hill for a climber.


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