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Dovette DeVore


Dovette DeVore, the youngest of nine children, began cultivating a natural interest in caregiving on the family’s farm, just north of the Twin Cities, at a tender age.

A passion to “make things better” led her to nursing, where she’s been caring for over three decades. Although Dovette still works in the hospital system doing direct patient care as well as nursing education, her focus for the the past several years has been vascular access and discovering her inner-entrepreneur.

DeVore’s  microbusiness began in 2010 out of necessity. “With healthcare changing and evolving, we as nurses continually needed to find ways to streamline and work smarter.  We had less time to care for patients who were sicker and sicker.”  she said. Her idea came from observing the same problem over and over again. Front line clinical staff often rushed, had many regulations to consider but no time or energy to adhere to it all. Shortcuts were being taken with and without regard to possible patient outcomes.

There needed to be a solution,
so Dovette searched for one—nothing existed. That’s when she began sketching out her idea for an Intra Venous Medication Anti Infection Device, IV MAID* . Her simple solution solved several challenges in the healthcare arena by providing FDA compliant storage of medication at the bedside, by housing needed supplies in close proximity round the clock and by educating both patient and clinician on best clinical practices. She designed IV MAID so it could be disinfected between patients  but optimally using one per patient per hospitalization could help eliminate infections from cross contamination and improper care of vascular access devices. It could also be used for wound care.

“Patient safety and best patient outcomes are my inspiration.” she confided.  “I’ve had close family members get healthcare acquired infections from hospital stays, almost losing their lives. I have observed clinicians improperly caring for vascular access devices, having to speak up uncomfortably in order to stop possible contamination and infection.” She continued,
“We need to provide tools and education to support our clinicians so they can provide the best care possible.” For Dovette, the most enjoyable part of being a microbusiness is learning new skills and meeting new people. She is always in awe of the generosity and kindness shown by strangers—who understand the challenges of a microbusiness. She feels them rooting for her when they owe her nothing, and is humbled. “It is great to see the human spirit in its best form.” she says with a smile.

The hardest part of being a microbusiness?
The isolation.

Dovette feels being an entrepreneur is a road less traveled. “It can be overwhelming. The highest highs and the lowest lows. It is beyond hard work. It’s all encompassing. On your mind 24/7.” she explains.

DeVore has been working and financing her microbusiness alone
up to now, but she is currently looking for the right strategic partner or partners. She also owns a consulting firm that teaches vascular access insertion, care and maintenance—but the focus for now is on her medical product.

With both a hospital job and a work at home lifestyle her challenges are structure. It’s often difficult to take off the homeowner hat and wear just the product hat. She has to be careful not to let those worlds overlap.

Her wish for generations to come?
To understand life’s lessons. “You never learn how to get up if you never fall down and then get up on your own. To know
you can count on yourself is a great gift.” she explains.

Favorite Song—
All music is healing.

One word to describe herself—

Bucket List—
Backpacking across Europe.

Mother Teresa.

Favorite Quote—
‘Petit a petit, L’oiseau fait son nid’
(Little by little, the bird makes its nest). It reminds me that with time you can accomplish all things, even with setbacks.  Patience and perseverance.

Introvert at heart, now ambivert.

Youngest of 9, all within 13 years.


Dovette DeVore
IV MAID . Intra Venous Medication Anti Infection Device 


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