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As a young person he moved around a lot.


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Actually Grif attended three different high schools.  As challenging as that was growing up, Grif did get to experience a variety of people and places in this country and believes it gave him an appreciation for differences as well as an openness and inclusiveness as an adult.

“I am one of those “jack-of-all-trades” kind of people”, he says with a smile. “I have a marketing and theatre degree from ASU so pretty opposite ends of the career world, yet both very creative and people oriented.”  Sadow has worked in fine jewelry – both wholesale and retail, theatre arts – performance and education, as well as in coaching and leadership consulting.  Many of the activities in each parallel and translate into mentoring and leading.

Every day for Grif is different and challenging, whether he’s coaching a client or organization, officiating a wedding, creating an artwork, performing in a play, or learning a new skill like bartending. He’s thankful for an amazing group of family, friends, and colleagues who support him and allow him to take risks, while he explores new avenues personally and professionally.


in 2006 Grif started his self-financed microbusiness as a logical extension of his coach and leadership training. He was always labeled as a bit of a “Rogue” so it was important to him to create a work life that had passion, that would let him express as many of his gifts and talents as possible without being boxed-in or censored. His inspiration comes from one of two things “NO, not that!” or YES, I want more of that!”. He is also inspired by individuals who against all odds, succeed.    


Sadow feels the best part of being a mirobusiness is having a lot of control in decision-making. He also enjoys the variety, breath and depth of work. He gets to try on many different hats and can fail and achieve many times on his own timetable without judgment. But having to do many different positions himself competently is the hard part. He misses not having others to work with and having a ”second set of eyes” to give him the feedback he needs.


To the generation before, his wish is for them to stay engaged and active in life and in work. To remember their value and wealth of experience, and even though it is a different time, step up, share it, ask questions and be open to new challenges. To the generation after, his wish is for them to stay connected to others and the world without using technology as much. Really connect to how they feel rather than what they think.

  • Favorite song? I don’t really have a favorite song but do have favorites depending upon my mood.
  • Word that describes you? Activator.
  • Wish you would have tried? Traveling more on my own when I was younger. Trying to make it as an actor in New York City.
  • Like to meet in an elevator? The next person who walks in, seriously I love meeting people and I believe everyone has an interesting story to tell – something positive (or negative) I can learn from them.
  • Favorite saying, quote? Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle -Plato
  • Introvert or extrovert ? I am an extrovert one-on-one and in small groups and an introvert in large groups.
  • Birthorder. I am the oldest in my family. My next youngest brother and I are 5 years apart.


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