Columnist . Joe Ralstin

So, here is my question.

Why do you do what you do?


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Is it just a matter of self-preservation? Is it a matter of doing what you know, or are you doing what you love? What motivates you?

Does your quest for doing what you do involve some deep need to create something larger than yourself? Are you looking for immediate impact, or are you planting seeds to reap the rewards over time?

Some of you, I’m sure, are just trying to pay the bills and hopefully develop a lasting means of revenue, which would take some pressure off of the “long term” survival game.

Do you actually need to see the fruits of your labor right away, or would you be satisfied if the seeds you planted would bear fruit later?

The entrepreneurial spirit lies deep in all of us, but taking that leap of faith involves a lot more than just earning a living.

I am reminded of the story of Johnny Appleseed, that crazy fellow who had a vision of apple trees growing across the nation long after he had moved on. With his pot on his head and his bag of seeds, he made his way throughout the country meeting people, making friends, and planting seeds. Making his living through the kindness of strangers.

A lot of what we do is seed planting. We make connections and sometimes make friends, while we make our way through the normal course of doing business. Are you thinking long term, or are you more interested in instant gratification? Have you followed the path or are you making a path?

Being a microbusiness is definitely a leap of faith with a heavy dose of dedication.

We are the Johnny Appleseeds of the 21st century economy. We believe in what we do and we do it not knowing what the final outcome will be. We believe in ourselves and what we bring to the table, and we are constantly looking for that fertile ground of opportunity where we can plant our seeds.

Being a micobusiness is hard.

There is no safety net, there is no guarantee, and there is no sure thing. We all have one thing in common though. Together, we represent the majority of the business environment in the modern day world economy.

So put your pot on your head, grab your bag of seeds and head out, knowing that what you do today will grow into something worthwhile over time.


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