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Bronx baby Richard Scorza grew up in New Jersey, fell in love and moved to Minnesota where he was hired as the 100th employee at a Minneapolis based telcom. When he left, there were close to 2500 employees and the company was international.

During that time, he climbed the corporate ladder starting out as a field engineering technician and winding up in senior level sales, marketing and operations positions. For the past decade he’s been consulting for software, mobile, and marketing organizations as well as VC backed startups.

Over the years, it became clear to Rich that small and microbusiness owners, though passionate about their product or service, struggled with selling.

“Most see themselves as a business person offering a service like web design, coaching, or accounting. Rarely do they consider themselves a sales person.”


“We know that in spite of all the noise to contrary, failure has less to do with the quality of service or passion for the product and more to do with the inability to develop business and close the sale.” he explained.

With that in mind, Scorza decided to bootstrap a business in 2014 that’s founded on a heartfelt promise— to do all he can to help the micro and small business owners of America, achieve their dreams. “What drives us is the pain that we see, and have experienced ourselves. Paying the mortgage for many microbusinesses is a challenge. We can help.”, he says with conviction. Although our major focus is on sports based start-ups we help entrepreneurs across the micro-business spectrum.
Richard thinks the best part of being a micro is the flexibly to move quickly and the chance to work closely with other folks who are doing everything they can to provide for their family and themselves. The hardest part? Making the right choices without that big company road map: Where can we add value? Which partners are committed? How to avoid the mistakes that we’ve made in the past without pulling in too far?

His wish? To give back to the new young breed of entrepreneurs. And for second career folks, help them see their value and understand their passion.

Favorite song? Songs?

Hallelujah by Lenard Cohen; If I should Fall Behind, Bruce Springsteen; Hurt, Johnny Cash (Nine Inch Nails) and O Soave Fanciulla, Puccini

Word that describes him?


Wishes he would have tried?

Golden Gloves Tournament

Meet in an elevator? My Grandfather, Salvatore Scorza 

Favorite saying? Selling – Never miss an opportunity to shut up. Life thought – Seek to understand and only then to be understood.

Extrovert Meeting new people is great fun

Youngest Older sister (7yrs) and brother (9yrs.) 

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