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Educating Gen Z

COLUMN . Microbusiness

EDUCATING GEN Z A force of ones.   Meet the Future. Work has changed, and no matter what career kids ultimately pursue, they’re going to have to constantly adapt and innovate…


COLUMN . Ready Set Startup

THE INSTRUCTIVE POWER OF JEALOUSY  How to murder your self doubt.   Meet Gracie Miller of Live Life Purpose. Jealousy isn’t usually thought of as a positive emotion to experience. But…


COLUMN . Lifeline

WHY WOULD SOMEONE HIJACK MY WEBSITE What can I do to survive?   Meet Bob Weiss of Wyzguys Cybersecurity. If you own a microbusiness, you have a website. Would you be…


COLUMN . Headgames

DEALING WITH YOUR CRITICS AND CRITICISM As an Entrepreneur.   Meet Grif Sadow of the Grow Into More Institute. As entrepreneurs we are continually faced with hearing criticism about our businesses…

The Big Picture

COLUMN . The Big Picture

YOU ARE WHAT YOU DO This simple statement is meant to describe you.   Meet Joe Ralstin of C3PS. If you ask most people to describe themselves, the first thing…


COLUMN . Home@Work

THE WORK @ HOME LIFESTYLE Can’t you see I’m working.   Summer The time when there’s so much to do and no time to do it. No more home alone….

Writers Bloc 2

COLUMN . Writers’ Bloc

I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL I Can Help You With That. Meet Joe Zeigler Mr. Write. Use empathy to empower your writing and connect with readers. Putting thoughts and ideas into writing…

Signs of the Time

COLUMN . Signs of the Time

UNIVERSAL CODE New and noteworthy information.   Did you know? In 2010 Psychology Today published what they referred to as a “Shocker” from a study of over 14,000 students by…


COLUMN . Show Me the Clients

HOPE IS NOT A BUSINESS PLAN 85% of your financial success is due to…     Meet Jason Jones of The Coaching Hour. When you started your business you knew…

Gen Z

COLUMN . Generation Z

ENTREPRENEUR OR EMPLOYEE Students talk about the future of work.   We asked today’s secondary students about tomorrow. What will happen over the next decade? How will work change. How…